Cadrigar Adiirmaed

Elven Pedlar


Tall, dark and sullen with large elvish eyes.


Cadrigar left the sanctuary of his Elven homestead deep in the forests of the Empire as a result of a family dispute. Adrift from his family and his people he had little option but to flee to human society.

Finding life hard adjusting to the strange ways of the Empire’s townfolk he had to resort to keeping undesirable company and after a year had managed to earn enough money to start his own business peddling common household wares on a horse and cart. His frequent brushes with the law however resulted in him finding his way to the Imperial capital.

In Altdorf Cadrigar had been struggling to earn a living amongst so much competition but happened upon Dolwen, a fellow elf exile. The two elves struck up something of a friendship and Dolwen managed to convince his employer into hiring Cadrigar and his cart to help transport a shipment of fabrics to Reiksdorf.

Cadrigar Adiirmaed

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