Carla Borromeo

Wizard's Apprentice


A young waif with a wild and willful personality. Pretty, intelligent and mature.


Carla never knew her parents and grew up in the harsh environs of a Tilean orphanage. She ran away from her dire accommodation at the age of ten and encountered a local wizard who took her into his household as a servant.

In a short time the developing Carla attracted the unwarranted attentions of the elderly but cantankerous mage and he took her as his apprentice – something highly unusual by the traditional values of conservative Tilea and much to the mage’s wife’s ire.

When the mage passed away from natural causes his wife sought to blacken young Carla’s name and spread vile rumours aboutthe local community. Fearing that the rumours would draw the attention of the religioues authorities and their witchhunters, Carla fled abroad to The Empire and eventually made her way to Altdorf. Wandering the streets of the capital, struggling to earn enough to eat and to pay for her lodgings she performed street magic to entertain the public. Dolwen happened to come across one of her performances and mentioned her to his employer who made her an offer of employment in the hope and intention of having her trained to become an alchemist – something that Albrecht Hechter would find most beneficial.

Carla’s task in Reiksdorf is to perform simple healing magic should any of the party come to harm and to locate a practitioner of magic who is prepared to overlook her sex and train her further in the arts of magic.

Carla Borromeo

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