Jeffric Izzard



A stout, strong, bearded woodsman dressed in rural work clothes.


Jeffric lives in a modest wood cabin on an Altdorf aristocrat’s estate with his wife and two children. Life has become difficult due to the errant aristocrat’s gambling habits that have badly affected the payment of his serfs.

Desperate to provide for his family, Jeffric has left his beloved woods and ventured into the great capital while his brother looks after his family. The woodsman fruitlessly touted for business in all the shops and emporiums he came across until he arrived at Albrecht Hechter’s fabric shop. Hechter, feeling sorry for the woodsman’s predicament as well as needing a couple of individuals to carry and load his wares, offered Jeffric employment.

While in Reiksdorf Jeffric is responsible for carrying out all manual tasks as directed by Dolwen.

Jeffric Izzard

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