Ulric der Fledermaus



A thin ill-looking young man who is actually in possession of a wily intellect and a keen eye for advantage.


Native to Altdorf, the Fledermaus siblings barely knew their alcoholic parents who departed from the mortal coil when they were young.

With no one to care for them the brother and sister resorted to petty thievery and relying on the charity of the local community and strangers alike. As the years passed and they grew older, both became adept at eliciting monies from all and sundry with a plethora of well rehearsed sob stories and tales of benevolent future intent.

Upon encountering Dolwen the elf merchant’s assistant recognised the pair’s potential as well as wanting to remove two young people from an inevitable life of crime and begging.

The Fledermaus sibling’s task in Reiksdorf is to perform all manual labour as directed by Dolwen.

Ulric der Fledermaus

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